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16. listopadu 2009 v 12:24 | Jokomo |  Titan Quest

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Oficiální text k patchi 1.11

Patch Notes v1.11

General :

  • Fixed NPC dialogue fading when bumped by pets
  • Fixed crash when loading a custom map in-game that contains a sheep herder
  • Fixed a word wrap error in monster and NPC name dialogs that appears in some languages
  • Changed mouse input to swap left and right buttons when the option is selected in Windows
  • Implemented Time Smoothing to reduce hitches and decrease blur when the player character is moving
  • Implemented logging system to track crashes in Titan Quest(tm). Upon a crash, Titan Quest(tm) will create a log file named "Exceptions.txt" in the My Games\Titan Quest directory.

Video :

  • Fixed crashes and graphical corruptions related to low video memory on PCs
  • Fixed a 'Fatal Error' message appearing when the game is booting up after the update process on a system with a Mobility(tm) Radeon® 9200
  • Improved video memory test to correctly identify 128 MB ATI Radeon® x300 and ATI Mobility(tm) Radeon® 9200 cards
  • Fixed graphic elements becoming corrupted when running NVIDIA® 6600 series card over a long period of time
  • Implemented Triple Buffering to allow smoother gameplay and less blurring with V-Sync enabled.
To enable Triple Buffering, go to the My Games\Titan Quest\Settings directory and open the options.txt file after changing any option in game. Find the setting called "tripleBuffer" and change its value to true. If the setting does not exist, add the line "tripleBuffer=true" to the end of the options.txt file. Note that enabling triple buffering uses more Video memory, so you may have to try it both ways to find the correct setting for your system.

Multiplayer :

  • Fixed slow down in gameplay due to large amounts of player chat
  • Fixed items being lost in the trade window if the server shuts down while the trade window is open


  • Portal selection with the portal link tool can now be selected from the front and the back. Previously some portals required 180 degree rotation to be selected.
  • Portal status colors will now render properly with the portal link tool
  • Impassable terrain and sector layers will now be visible when using ATI cards
  • Fixed issue where building the mini-maps could discard unsaved work
  • Fixed the sector layer list not properly updating when deleting a sector type
  • Fixed system modal dialogs showing up behind the Editor window
Other Notes : This patch updates the Miles Sound System drivers in the game. If you have manually altered or updated these files previous to this patch you will need to restore the drivers that the game installed initially for the patch to install properly.

Patch 1.08 -> 1.11 [ MB] - Stáhnout z :

Patch 1.01 -> 1.11 [ MB] - Stáhnout z :

Patch 1.08 Patch 1.08 Hlavní problém, který tento patch odstraňuje je časté padání hry. Dále pak odstraňuje chyby v multiplayeru, přidává zálohování postav, zlepšuje srovnávání věcí v inventáři a umožňuje zrušit kontrolu podporování hardwaru pokud máte starší počítač.

Pokud máte počítač na kterém si myslíte, že by vám hra měla jít, ale nefunguje kvůli test kompatibility hardwaru, tak :
  • najděte soubor "Dokumenty/My Games/Titan Quest/Settings/options.txt
  • připište do něj řádek "skipCompatibilityChecks = true"

Oficiální text k patchi 1.08

This patch updates Titan Quest from v1.01 to v1.08
  • Fixed crash caused by teleporting in multiplayer after players used Rally skill
  • Fixed NPC dialogue windows closing when NPC moves to avoid other characters
  • Fixed bug with different relic bonuses for different players in multiplayer
  • Fixed relic completion sounds propagating to all clients in multiplayer
  • Fixed multiplayer lobby UI error with sort arrow
  • Fixed a multiplayer lobby crash
  • Fixed internet connection problem with custom maps
  • Fixed a memory leak
  • Improves multiplayer connection reliability
  • Improves multiplayer performance
  • Improves item auto-placement in inventory
  • Added character back-up functionality
  • Added option to disable compatibility check***
*** If you have supported hardware but cannot start the game due to a failed compatibility check, you will need to download the stand-alone patch and install it (save to disk, then double-click to execute). Once the patch has been applied, you will need to edit your options.txt file in My Documents/My Games/Titan Quest/Settings, and add a new line to the bottom that reads: skipCompatibilityChecks = true

Note: Bypassing the compatibility check will allow the game to start with non-supported hardware, but you may still encounter fatal errors as a result. As a reminder, integrated graphics and graphics cards without PS 1.1 capability are not officially supported.

Patch 1.08 [5,2 MB] - Stáhnout z :


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